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About A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods – Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster an appreciation, understanding and respect of the earth’s ecosystems for its protection and sustainability through the use of environmental education programs and supporting media. 

About Melody Bell Wilkes

As a child, Melody would rescue injured animals and venture into the hills for hiking.  Influenced by her father going skiing, hiking and scuba diving, she got a taste for the outdoors that never left.  Over a decade ago, she recognized a growing problem with children.  Obesity problems were on the rise and behavior and developmental problems were taking its toll.  Children were spending too much time indoors.  At a time when there is a great concern for the environment, it was apparent children were no longer being exposed to nature.   How can children protect something they know nothing about?
In 2003, Melody founded A Walk in the Woods, Environmental Education Company.  Its purpose is to introduce children to the wonders of nature.  It is the only company in North Carolina solely dedicated to providing science programs to outlying communities.  Each hands-on program features live animals and unique artifacts.  Melody’s multi-sensory approach to learning grabs a child’s undivided attention and sparks their interest in nature.  Her passion for teaching has reached over 300,000 children and counting.  
Melody has spent many years in the environmental field and was honored at the White House by President Ronald Reagan...

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