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Birthday Parties

Reptile Birthday Party NCIs your child an animal lover? Then he or she will go WILD for our fun and educational birthday parties. Let us entertain your child and guests with a science program that has plenty of hands-on animals and artifacts!  Select any one of our science program themes and let us know the date, time, place/phone, guest number and the birthday child's name/age. The birthday child receives a complimentary gift and may have pictures taken with their favorite animal.  Keep the camera handy since there will be plenty of memories to cherish.

Looking for something a bit more special? We also have a deluxe animal party package.  We bring extra animals and artifacts for a more comprehensive hand-on experience (special rates apply).  Check out our guidelines and rates listed below. 

Your animal science birthday party will be an experience that your child will never forget!

Comments from parents and the birthday child:

“Can we do it again?” - Mark Jacobs, age 6 (his remark after the reptile party presentation wanting to put the birthday cake and opening presents on hold).

“Thanks Melody, you really made Joseph’s birthday party memorable and a great success”  - Bonnie Stewart

“Thank you for the wonderful birthday party. The parents and children all raved about it. We really appreciate you making Charlie’s party such a fun learning experience.” - Angela McCurdy

“Dear Miss Melody, you and the bugs made my party great!” - Joseph Stewart

animal birthday party nc reptile birthday parties nc

Pictured above are party guests touching a Red-tailed Boa Constrictor
and an Eastern Box turtle during our reptile program.

What we need from you to make it a great birthday party!

  1. We need an indoor room that can be darkened for a slide presentation and 2 – 4 tables to display hands-on artifacts (card tables are fine or something similar).
  2. Programs are approximately one hour in length. We bring many things so please allow at least 45 minutes for set-up and another 45 minutes to break it down.  It is a better surprise if we are set-up before your guests arrive for the party. 
  3. If possible, please reserve a parking spot nearest to the party site for ease in loading and unloading.
  4. Since we bring many things, we prefer to have access to the party site on the ground floor.
  5. We bring hand sanitizer for cleaning after touching animals. We always encourage proper hand washing at a sink after the presentation.
  6. It is best to have the program first and then have cake and presents afterwards.
  7. The birthday child can have pictures taken with their favorite animal.
  8. Adults are free so invite as many as you would like.  We are happy to have them watch the presentation quietly with the children.
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Birthday Parties - Details & Pricing

To schedule a program, call 704-436-9048 or Email woodswalk@carolina.rr.com 

We work on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please call early to reserve your date in the calendar.