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How to Schedule a Program in 3 Easy Steps

Choose your program.

Request your program date & time by calling (704) 436-9048 or by Email at woodswalk@carolina.rr.com. Have alternate dates available. Let us know how many participants you have. A confirmation email letter will be sent to you reserving your date and time.

Prepare for your program. See the program guidelines below.

Program Price Guide

To find your cost: Program time / # of participants + Travel fee = Total

 Additional programs of the same program, same day available.  All programs support the NC Essential Standards.  Our programs can be tailored to your science curriculum.  Minimum program charge is $200.

One hour science programs

Please inquire for rates if over 100 participants
Up to 25 participants $195
Up to 35 participants $225
Up to 45 participants $250
Up to 55 participants
Up to 65 participants
Up to 75 participants
Up to 100 participants

Half hour science programs

Recommended for preschool programs.  Add $3.50 per participant over 30.
Up to 10 participants $75
Up to 20 participants $115
Up to 30 participants $135

Service/Travel Fee

Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanly & Union County $35
Other locations are $.75 per mile  

Assembly Programs
Our fun and educational hands-on science programs with live animal demonstrations are perfect for large groups.  Each participant can touch several museum quality artifacts and see live animals up close.  Our Master Naturalist presenter will have a selected animal for touching too!  Programs can accommodate full grade levels.  Additional programs of the same program, same day available.  

Special Events - science day events, festivals, etc.
An interactive indoor science exhibit of live animals and museum quality artifacts can accommodate free flowing audiences with a Master Naturalist available for questions and hands-on animal experiences.  One, two, four or six hour time frames are available.  Please call 704-436-9048 for rates. 

Science Workshops - owl pellet dissection, plaster animal tracks, shark tooth fossil dig
Find fossilized shark teeth, make plaster animal tracks or discover bones in an owl pellet.  Children take home what they find!  These comprehensive science workshops are 1 1/2 hour in length for up to 15 participants.  All supplies are included in the cost of $275 per workshop.  Live animals are in every workshop!

Birthday Parties
An exciting science program with live animals can make your child's birthday party unforgettable!  Educational and fun, our science birthday party cost $200 for up to 10 guests.  Please add $5 per child over 10.  The birthday child receives a complimentary birthday gift.  

Changing a Program Date or Cancellation

If a program date needs to be changed, we can reschedule it for a later date as calendar permits. If a program is cancelled within 2 weeks of its scheduled date, then a $75 cancellation fee is applied. If a program is cancelled the day of the program, then the program is to be paid in full.

Program Guidelines

  1. We bring everything with us including electrical equipment and slide screen. We prefer ramp access to your classroom site and a close parking space to the entrance.
  2. Our Master Naturalist will arrive between 45-60 minutes prior to program time. Please have the room ready for set-up upon arrival.  Another 35 - 40 minutes is needed for break down.
  3. Please have an area cleared in the room for seating. Children can sit on the floor.
  4. Please have 2-4 tables available for us to display animals and artifacts.  Four tables is preferred. 
  5. Due to the use of animals and electrical equipment, programming cannot be done outside.
  6. Hand sanitizer is available at all times. We always encourage proper hand washing at a sink after the presentation.
  7. Animals cannot be near loud music, fumes or in the presence of food.
  8. We have the right to substitute animals and artifacts for programs as needed.
  9. Half hour programs will have the option of a Power Point Presentation. 
  10. Please check the contact information on your confirmation letter when received and notify us of any changes.
  11. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

We look forward to our visit with you!  If you have any questions, please call (704) 436-9048.