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School Science Programs NCOur mobile museum classroom can visit your school and engage students with hands-on science experiences with unique artifacts and live animals.  All of our science programs promote inquisitive thinking and exploration. 

Our school science programs are designed for elementary through middle school grade levels. We can accommodate small or large groups (100+) and full grade levels. All of our programs are aligned with the NC Essential Standards.

A site such as a gym, media center or classroom is perfect for our needs. Please provide 2 - 4 tables for us to display hands-on artifacts. Allow one hour for set-up and break down.

How our science programs help students and educators
  1. Students are able to understand the science concepts better with the use of a multi-sensory approach to learning.
  2. Programs are designed to incite students with inquiry-based activities.
  3. Each student has the opportunity to touch artifacts and live animals.  This experience helps a student remember the science concepts while discovering natural textures in living and non-living objects.
  4. Many hands-on artifacts are uncommon, rare or endangered which typically students would have to travel to a museum to see.
  5. Programs are aligned with the NC Essential Standards.  We help educators by teaching the core concepts using hands-on methods.
To schedule a program call 704-436-9048 Email: woodswalk@carolina.rr.com